LayerOnline now accepts PayPal Pre-Approved Payments

  • 18th February 2015
Tired of having to login to PayPal each time to pay your bills? LayerOnline now accepts PayPal Pre-Approved Payments! You can now use your PayPal just like a credit card to pay for your invoices. Don't worry, there is no credit card or sensitive info stored on our server, only a token, and it's fully PCI-Compliant. It's the safest way to pay.
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New Client Interface and cPanel Integration

  • 3rd February 2015
It's our mission to provide our clients with best possible web hosting services, we have made some major improvements to our services. This announcement contains some important feature update to our hosting services. New Client Portal Interface cPanel Integration in Client Portal New Client Portal InterfaceYou asked, and we listened. We ...
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