New Client Interface and cPanel Integration

  • Tuesday, 3rd February, 2015
  • 22:40pm
It's our mission to provide our clients with best possible web hosting services, we have made some major improvements to our services. This announcement contains some important feature update to our hosting services.
  • New Client Portal Interface
  • cPanel Integration in Client Portal

New Client Portal Interface

You asked, and we listened. We have revamped our client portal interface. The client portal interface is now fully responsive, meaning it looks awesome on smartphones, tablets and desktops. We also rearrange the layout so all the important items are at your fingertips. You rarely need to scroll down, even if you have a small screen. The new interface is also fluid and attractive. Now not only we are one of the fastest web hosts, we are also one of the sexiest!

cPanel Integration in Client Portal

The cPanel interface can be slow, and the 10+ years old layout was designed for small monitors. That's why we have integrated cPanel functions directly in your client portal, so you can enjoy the same responsive interface with cPanel functions, fully utilizing any screen size you may have. You don't have to login to cPanel seperately and you can manage all your hosting accounts and domains in one interface. No more remembering more passwords and the interface is very fast. In addition, there are time-saving features that only available with our cPanel integration:
  • Restore your account from our weekly or nightly backups
  • Unban your IP automatically upon logging in or manually
To access the cPanel interface, just go to the hosting account's details page. Once you use our cPanel interface, you can't go back!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We will address them asap. Thank you for using LayerOnline!
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