Amazon Cloud Web Hosting now available at LayerOnline

  • Thursday, 23rd July, 2015
  • 00:07am
We have been very busy here at LayerOnline and we are excited to announce our most anticipated new product line: Cloud Web Hosting powered by Amazon Cloud. Test drive 3 months for free today.

Cloud Web Hosting powered by Amazon Cloud

Feature of our new cloud web hosting powered by Amazon Cloud:
  • Host entirely on Amazon AWS
  • Pure SSD with cloud redundancy and reliability
  • Auto-Healing
  • Auto-Scaling
  • Choice of US or Europe Hosting
  • Free Hosting Location Transfer
  • cPanel based
  • Cost Effective
We are one of the first which introduce such service. The new cloud web hosting costs a lot less than if you were to host your website yourself on Amazon.

This service is currently not open to the public and is only available for free to our customers. On top of that, we removed all bandwidth limitations so you can use as much as your heart desire. Bandwidth charge at Amazon is actually quite expensive but you don't need to worry about it! And we will give you MaxCDN unlimited bandwidth for up to 5 domains free of charge.


Q: How do I order?
A: Please go to to place an order and use code "testdrive" to get three months free. You need to have an existing service to use the code. We will copy your existing acount to Amazon Cloud and update your DNS. If you use a third-party DNS or registrar, you would need to upate there. Depends on how many accounts we copy a day, it may take up to 24 hours to copy your account. Please be patient.

Q: How do I cancel?
A: Just submit a cancellation request, or contact us and we will do it for you. Remember to update your DNS or we can do it for you.

Q: When does this offer end?
A: This offer will end August 31, 2015, then the service will open to public.

Q: Do I have to move to Amazon Cloud?
A: No. You can keep both accounts at the same time. This is for you to test drive the service.

Q: I like the service, how can I migrate to Amazon Cloud?
A: Submit a ticket and we will update your account. The Amazon Cloud service is more expensive than existing ones but we will waive all costs and provide to you for free, as a way to say thank you.

Q: Is there any reason not to use Amazon Cloud?
A: Bandwidth is expensive with any cloud provider. Currently we plan to offer unlimited bandwidth for as long as we can, but when the offer ends, it can be costly. However for regular websites bandwidth shouldn't be an issue.

Q: Are you going to discontinue traditional hosting in the future?
A: No. We will still offer traditional hosting as an option as it offers cheap bandwidth and package. However, cloud web hosting will be our main focus and is the new trend.

Q: I like the service and I want to order more, do you offer discount?
A: Yes, use code "gocloud" for 50% off new orders. You need to have an existing service to use the code.

Q: The service is good, can I refer my friends?
A: Currently this is for existing customers only. When it opens for public in September your friend can use code "gocloud" for 50% off.

Q: Do you offer cloud hosting from Google or other cloud providers?
A: We are in testing phase of offering Cloud web hosting powered by Google Cloud and SoftLayer/IBM Cloud. They are very similar, mostly a personal preference. Don't worry, we will offer free cloud transfer if you want to try the others out.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We will address them asap. Thank you for using LayerOnline!

LayerOnline Team
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